CEO and Executive Director 2016 Message

“Strong Partnerships Build Strong Communities”

AEDAP Executive Director Remarks

I and the Board would like to show our support and express our deepest sympathy for the many lives lost due to Hurricane Matthew.

AEDAP had joined the Haitian American Hurricane Mathew Emergency…

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  1. Donated: $202.00
    Since 2007 AEDAP Toys Drive has had a specific target child.
  2. Donated: $530.00
    This project has been created since 2010 post earthquake...
  3. Donated: $351.00
    This program was originally designed in partnership...
  4. Donated: $1,230.00
    Created for children 6 to 18 with the goal to help them...

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Our Motto is Strong Partnerships Build Strong Communities


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There are no upcoming events at this time.