Galliele Demosthene is giving back

It is important for me to take a leadership role in the Association of Exchange and Development of Activities and Partnership (AEDAP). It serves for me to acquire intentional maturity to brighten and inspire my community for a better future.I was 9 years old when I joined AEDAP in September 2007 as AEDAP professional young leader. AEDAP instills leadership in children from 5 years old to 18. Our program is unique. I am committed to dedicate my time, effort to preserve this legacy. As young leader, I do master our five pillars

Association: I understand how to manage and support AEDAP by establishing connections with other youth programs. For years we associated with HALO and participated in Breakfast with Santa. Do you know if it was not for association many children would not have experienced the precious value to be exposed to etiquette to share a good breakfast?

To me exchange means receive and return the resources; I have gained through AEDAP into future endeavors extending the organization to achievable destinations.

Growth with progress in AEDAP equates to willing participation I must give to fully saturate the possibilities in AEDAP.

Fundamental construction of character generates an impenetrable honest work in AEDAP through the community.

Build structural relations with cognitive leaders that are navigating paths allowing young men and women to share the keys to successfully fulfilling futures.

As a member of AEDAP, I am proud to be part of a compassionately involved organization that astonishes hardworking participants to further their possibilities of a promising future.